Powering the Smart Business

Connect cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, sensors and more. The Smart Business system works alongside you on your busy schedule, seamlessly analyzing customer trends, employees and deliveries.

    Save Energy, Save Money

    Wasting money on an area that doesn’t need it is no longer a worry. Our Smart Thermostat adjusts the heating of rooms based on outside temperature and turns off when there’s no one around.

    Professional Grade Security

    Engineered for reliability, our patented Crash & Smash protection keeps your business protected from any service interruptions.

    • Arm and disarm the system remotely.
    • Manage employee User Codes across multiple locations.
    • Easily remove User Code access for terminated employees.
    • Set automated arming schedules.
    • Manage multiple sites in one centralized dashboard.
    • Lock and unlock your back door for delivery men and personnel.

    Business Insights

    Monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customisable alerts, you can instantly see what’s going on.

    • Check the system status remotely to know if it’s armed or disarmed.
    • See who armed or disarmed the system.
    • Get an alert if the business isn’t opened on time.
    • Monitor trends for sensor, lock and arming activity.
    • Receive Image Alerts for specific activity with the GoKonnect.com Image Sensor.* Panel Spicific

    Commercial Video Solution

    GoKonnect’s commercial video service is a cloud-hosted service that can flexibly address the unique video monitoring requirements of your commercial property

    Reliable & Secure

    Unlike traditional CCTV/DVR video surveillance systems, Alarm.com provides reliable, off-site cloud storage that cannot be disabled by employees, or damaged if your business experiences a fire or flooding.

      Cloud-Based Recording

      Secure cloud recording options eliminate the need for additional hardware and enables access to live and recorded video clips.

        See Everything

        Keep an eye on all of the important activity at your business. With single and multi-site viewing, live-streaming and recorded video, it’s easy to monitor the key aspects of your business when you can’t be there.

          Energy Management & Automation

          Reduce energy waste automatically and enhance liability control with commercial Energy Management and Automation services from GoKonnect.com. Having connected lights, locks and thermostats ensure that your business is comfortable when it’s open and safe when it’s closed.

          Climate Control

          Control your thermostats automatically, and on-the-go. Keep your business at an appropriate temperature and prevent others from making changes.

            Enhance Property Management

            Get notified when the thermostat setting is changed or the refrigerator door is left open to manage temperature and reduce waste.

              Energy Savings

              Increase your bottom line with daily energy monitoring— see where you’re using the most energy and uncover opportunities for the biggest savings impact.

                Scheduled Lighting

                Easily set up lighting schedules to keep your business safe and well lit, reducing liability risk.

                  Control Access

                  Get notifications based on User Codes and remotely unlock and lock doors with commercial-grade locks.

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