Smart Home Security Starter Package

Our Smart Home Security Package gives you activity alerts in your home even if the system in disarmed, Real-time notifications in the event of an alarm, and alerts if a door or window is left open. Geo-location services mean you will be notified if you forget to arm your home when you leave for work, and you can arm or disarm your home from anywhere in the world.

What You Get

The Smart Home Security package is packed with Smart features, helping you protect the ones you love.
Remember, Our system is modular, so you can add Smart Home Control features later and build it up to a full Smart Home gradually.

  • 1 x Smarthome Security Hub

    Smarthome Security Hub

    GoKonnect Smart Home Hub is the brains of the operation. With EN Grade 2 Security features keeping you safe, it also has the capabilities of a fully connected Smart Home Hub.

    • Patented Crash & Smash Protection. Works even in the event of power failure or if smashed
    • Internal Siren gives you added security when an event has occured
    • Full Smart Home Features. It works with WiFi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, allowing you to connect your entire home to one app. Control your lights, doorbell, locks, thermostats, infrared sensors, and more.
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  • 1 x Wireless Keypad

    Wireless Keypad

  • 4 x Door/Window Contacts

    Door/Window Contacts

    If you leave a door open, or someone opens one unexpectedly, our Smart Door and Window Contacts send real-time notifications to you, even if the system isn't armed.

    • Adjust settings easily depending on your needs. Know instantly if your kids get open a door, or if someone leaves the fridge open. Much more than just front door or window sensors
    • Adjust the settings so that you get alerts telling you if a window is left open, and which one
    • Want to protect something really important, like an office or a safe? Sensors on the door can trigger an alarm, sending you real-time notifications to your smartphone.
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  • 2 x PIR Motion Sensor

    PIR Motion Sensor

    We give you the best Smart PIR Motion Sensors on the market. With activity monitoring, real-time notifications and Smart Home capabilities, we keep you protected 24/7.

    • Our PIR Sensors are always working for you, even when the system is not armed. You can check in with the GoKonnect Smart App and see what is happening around your home
    • Real-time notifications tell you instantly when an event has occurred.
    • Works alongside other Smart devices in your home. If motion is triggered not only will it alert you and your family, it can also turn on your lights for added protection.
  • 1 x Outdoor Smart Siren

    Outdoor Smart Siren

    Outdoor Smart Siren makes it clear that an event has occurred, and it sends real-time notifications to you if tampered with by anyone. Loud and bright settings means it wont go unnoticed.

    • Small, modern, and compact but can be visible to anyone
    • Communicates with your Smart Home Security System, and notifies you in real-time when an event has occured. Also alerts the authorities when partnered with 24/7 professional monitoring.
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  • 4 x Window Stickers

    Window Stickers

  • Smart Phone App

    Smart Phone App

    The GoKonnect Smart Home App not only keeps you connected to your home at all times, it also connects all your devices together, allowing them to work together.

    • Home Security at your fingertips. Arm & Disarm your home from anywhere with the touch of a button
    • Climate Control from anywhere. Adjust your heating from anywhere and automate heating with geolocation settings
    • Get instant alerts and notifications to your phone when an event has occurred, giving you peace of mind that your home is always protected.
  • Outdoor Garden Sign

    Outdoor Garden Sign

    While the outdoor bellbox is a usual sign of home security, we provide a GoKonnect Smart Sign, which shows possible intruders that advanced Smart Home Security is in operation in your home.

    • Bright, modern, sleek and highly visible
    • Can be placed at your gates or in your garden, you decide and we will place it for you.
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  • Sim Card Backup

    Sim Card Backup

  • Backup Battery

    Backup Battery

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FlexiFi Option

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Smart Home Security Features

Keep your home and family protected with a GoKonnect Smart Home Security system, and always be connected to your home, day or night.

Remote Arm & Disarm your home from anywhere in the world, giving you control no matter where you are

Instant Alerts & Real-Time Push Notifications the moment an event occurs, so that you always know what's happening

Always working for you even when the system is not armed: real-time activity monitoring allows you to check into your home and see what's happening

Doors and Windows: get alerts to your smartphone if you leave a door or window open

Geo-Location Services: never forget to arm your home again, with alerts as you leave your home

Patent Crash & Smash Protection: your system will continue to work even in the event of power failure or if someone tampers with your system

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