Smart Home Security Ultimate Package

Let's go Ultimate. Take full control of your home from anywhere in the world. Smart Home Security, Home Automation and Smart Home Cameras, all controlled via one simple app.

What You Get

The Ultimate Smart Home Package comes with all the Smart Home Security and Smart Home Interactive Pack features, but we have added full Smart Home Cameras, Two-Way Talk, Motion Detection Cameras and more.

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Smart Home Features

The Ultimate Smart Home Package gives you full control over your home, from Smart Lights, Two-Way Talk Cameras, Motion Detection, Smart Thermostats, Smart Home Security, and more. It's all controlled under one app, working together for your perfect Smart Home.

Smart Lights: remotely turn off and on lights from anywhere, or set schedules for when they should come on

Receive Video Alerts: get instant video clips from home, whether it's triggered by alarm activity, the postman calling or an unexpected visitor

Watch Live Video: Monitor your home and watch live streaming, any time of the day or night via your smartphone or desktop

Lock or unlock your front door from anywhere, via your Smart Home app

GoKonnect Smart Home Security Integration: unlock your front door, open your garage, turn on lights, and more. You can set 'scenes' for lights to turn on when motion is detected

Control Your Heating from Anywhere: with the GoKonnect Smart Home App, you can adjust your heating from your smartphone, tablet or desktop, never arriving to a cold house again

Geo-Location Services: create settings based on the location of your smartphone, letting you know if you forget to arm your home when you leave, or turning on the heating and disarming your home when you return

Smart Control for Your Appliances: turn on the kettle in the morning, or turn the TV off remotely from your phone if you forget at night

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