GoKonnect HD Outdoor Camera

Some security cameras are smarter than others, and the GoKonnect HD Outdoor Camera is packed with Smart features.

Wide Angle Lens to catch all the action, and Full HD Live Viewing with resolution options up to 1280x960

Infrared Night Vision: see what's happening in your home, day or night

Motion Detection: automatically records when motion is detected and notifies you in real-time

Wireless Connectivity: freedom to place your Smart Camera anywhere in your home without drilling holes for additional wiring

Watch Live Video: Monitor your home and watch live streaming, any time of the day or night via your Smartphone or desktop

Receive Video Alerts: get instant video clips from home whether it's alarm activity, the postman calling or an unexpected visitor

Live Stream Video from Anywhere

Should you hear an unexpected noise and want to check who's there, you can open a live video feed from your Outdoor HD Camera. With Smart Video Monitoring you can be in two places at once. It’s easy to check on the kids as they play in the back garden or view that unexpected visitor at the front door.

Infrared Night Vision

When something goes bump in the middle of the night, you can see what’s happening with GoKonnect's HD Outdoor WiFi Camera. It comes with night vision and 1080p resolution to capture important activity clearly, no matter what time it is. Provides a wide field of view and night vision up to a distance of 40 feet in total darkness.

Fully Connected with your Smart Home Security System

True security cameras - like those powered by GoKonnect - are fully connected to a Smart Home Security System. This gives them features and intelligence that standalone, connected cameras don't have. When an alarm is triggered or a certain door is opened within the home, the GoKonnect Smart Cameras can be set to record automatically, and to alert you with real-time notifications.

Continuous Recording

Monitor your home 24/7 with the GoKonnect HD Camera connected to a Stream Video Recorder. Feel safe knowing your home is being monitored even when you’re not there. Bandwidth is optimised, so it won't slow down your broadband speed.

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