Brighten your Home from anywhere

Control the lights in your home from anywhere: turn them on or off from your smartphone, tablet or desktop

Set schedules for when you're away: have the lights switch on at a specific or random times

If a security alert is triggered, set your Smart Lights to come on automatically, lighting up your home

Save Energy: never leave lights on by mistake again. When you leave home you can see if anyone left lights on and remotely turn them off

Add some fun to your home: with adjustable colours for your Smart Lights, create the perfect scene for those family events

Reduce your energy bill: monitoring and adjusting your energy consumption allows you to save money on your electricity costs

Works with Smart Video Doorbell: if motion is detected at your front door, it can automatically trigger your Smart Lights to come on

Smart automation made simple: set rules to trigger when your Smart Lights turn on with Geo-Location Services

Keep room lights together.

Instead of turning off every light individually, you can group each room. It makes it easier for you to activate and deactivate each area of your home. By grouping indoor & outdoor lights, you can turn them on with ease with one button when you’re away.

Reduce tedious tasks.

Spend more time doing the important things by automating your home lighting. Schedule them to turn on in the evenings before you come home and turn them off remotely when you’re in bed.

Smart lighting have never been easier.

Create the perfect mood for gaming and movie nights by changing the colour of each light around the room. Place smart bulbs around your home and have the perfect lighting for every occasion.

Not at home? Not a problem.

Create automation rules for when you’re out of the house so that when you have an unexpected visitor, your lights come on automatically. Not only will it make it easier to see who is there, but it also acts as a great deterrent.

Light the way.

Create custom rules that in the event of a fire, when your alarm goes off, your home will light the way. Paired with smart door locks, you can even have your smart home unlock automatically.

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