Instant Smoke & Fire Signals

Smart Detection: with Smart Detection your GoKonnect Smart Home System will highlight the danger zone in your home

Instant Awareness: immediately alerts you and responders to the situation. Check into your home when you're not there via Image Sensor Cameras. Can be partnered with 24/7 monitoring to alert emergency services

Proactive Response: the GoKonnect Smart Home System allows you to trigger other devices to protect your home. Turn on the lights to see where you're going, or unlock doors for an easy way out.

24/7 Protection: protection while you sleep. With real-time alerts even if there's a power failure. Have peace of mind, knowing you're always protected.

Automatically Trigger Devices

When a smoke, fire, or heat alert is triggered, the GoKonnect System will tell your home what is needed before you could react to it. You can set your Smart Home to turn on your lights to help you see where you’re going and to unlock your doors for a faster exit for you and your family.

Early Detection is Critical

Our Smart Fire and Smoke Sensors are heat-sensitive, so a sudden rise in temperature in your home will trigger an alert. With the added benefit of 24/7 professional home monitoring, we can alert the fire services at the first signs of fire.

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