Water sensor

Our smart water sensor instantly lets you know when there is a water leak. Once water triggers the sensor your smart home hub will sound an alarm. All users connected to the your smartphone app will receive an instant alert of the event.

Instant Alerts

Your sensor sends you alarm notifications when it detects water. It even tells you which sensor is picking it up.

    Moisture monitoring

    When your smart sensor detects a mositure, it sounds the alarm insdie your home.


      No wires means that you can place your water sensors beside the washing machine or even mount it on the wall.

        Low power

        You get notified if the sensor's battery is running low, so you know when it needs to be changed.

          Know before it gets worse.

          Know then your home is at risk before it happens. Receive instant notifications to your smartphone of a possible flood, when your smart sensor detects water in under the sink, utility room, garage, or bathroom giving you extra time to prevent serious damage to your home.

          Place it anywhere.

          If you think your home has a leak but you’re not sure where, test it out with your smart water sensor. If its the wrong spot, simply move it to another.

          Helping your home stay dry.

          Your water sensor lets you know of any moisture that could be a potential hazard—be it a washing machine, pipe or even a crack in the wall. It makes sure you don’t have to deal with the messy clean-up and helps you avoid potential damage to your home.

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