Support FAQ

Q. Does the Hub need to be connected to WiFi?

A. No. Our hub also works via Sim-Card backup. But it is not recommended to be a permanent alternative.

Q. Do I need to talk to a GoKonnect Consultant or can I purchase the equipment online?

A. Already know what equipment you want? Then just click on the package you want and start adding on items. When you’re done, simply check out.

Q. Do you provide home protection to renters?

A. Yes, GoKonnect definitely caters to renters. Since our smart home systems don’t need wires or phone lines, they are simple to set up and even easier to remove and take with you to the next place.

Q. Do you offer security for my small business?

A. Yes, GoKonnect offers an excellent monitored Smart security solution for your business. Special features that are perfect in a business environment are:

  • Text/email alerts to your computer or smartphone
  • Free mobile apps
  • Live video surveillance
  • Interactive capabilities, to let you monitor traffic at your business, inform you of employee arrival and departure times, etc. We even offer fire and smoke alarms.

Q. Why do I need a monitoring service?

A. You don’t. Monitoring will give you an extra level of security but it’s completely optional.

Q. I’ve heard of intruders breaking in and destroying the Control Panel. Does that bring the system down? Or is that what your Crash and Smash Protection is for?

A. GoKonnect uses a patented Crash and Smash Protection that protects you when the burglar decides to destroy your Control Panel.

Q. Can I arm or disarm my security system remotely? What options do you offer?

A. Yes. GoKonnect systems are interactive, which means you can access and control your system in a variety of ways. Most customers love our online access via computer, tablet or smartphone. We also offer a convenient Keyfob Remote that allows you to arm or disarm the system from outside the house.

Q. Can I add additional equipment later? How much does that cost?

A. Our home security system is modular and allows you to add new equipment at any time. You will only pay for the piece of equipment itself.

Smart Home Guide

GoKonnect consolidates security, thermostat, locks, lights, and more into a single seamless smart home experience. Protect your homes and families, save money, and ultimately live more, by having to manage less.

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